24 hours

Can I upgrade to full gym membership?

You can upgrade to full Gambaru membership at any time. At the moment we have a Ladies Special 12 Month Contract membership at £35 a month. Our Standard Ladies Membership and also gives you full access to the Circuit Express area, the motivational classes and the free Circuit Express classes. Other membership deals are available,

How do I learn of the new procedures?

All 24 hour members need to go through a formal induction process. These can be booked on our website www.gambaru24hr.com. This covers everything you need to know and ensures that all members understand their responsibilities.

What about cleaning during unmanned hours?

The cleaners are coming in earlier than previously to ensure we are ready for the early morning members. We expect members to be responsible for keeping the changing rooms tidy and we are confident this will be the case.

Etiquette with the Dumbbells

The normal safety standards will apply. We expect members to be responsible, any members that fail to comply with safety or etiquette will be barred. The 24 hours surveillance team is monitoring this for us.

Is it for 18yrs and over?

Yes unfortunately insurance companies will only presently cover extended hours for members over 18. If this changes we will look to amend our policy.

Will Gambaru not be spoilt by new clientele and lose its appeal?

We have made this change to improve our offer to members and hope new members will also join. This brings additional revenue into Gambaru and allows us to invest in the facilities and new equipment. Another benefit is that research shows extended hours help balance gym usage and we are already seeing a benefit there

Who looks after Gambaru when it’s out of hours?

To make this a cost effective change for members, we use technology and remote services to best effect. The gym is monitored 24 hours by remote CCTV manned by professional security staff. This is an industry standard for 24 hours gyms - we use proven systems and in most cases going above and beyond recommendations.

How does the 24 hour Gym work?

During out of hours periods, members will use the side entrance and gain access via their personalised key fob. There is a separate key-fob for entrance and exit; you cannot use your key fob to let other members in or out. Fire exits will work as normal.